Turn Your Lawn Into An Edible Garden

Very few meals beat a mouthwatering grilled vegetables recipe if you enjoy healthy, full-flavored dishes. There are so many different ways to grill veggies and you can use different types of woodchips to give them a smoky flavor, wrap them in aluminum foil packets with herbs and spices, or melt a thick slice of halloumi cheese over the top. You can also experiment with international recipes.

Everybody loves blueberries, and they’re good for you too. There are dozens of varieties, and they range in height from a foot tall to over six feet tall at maturity, so you can find the perfect size for your yard. They can also be grown in pots, so they’re a great choice if you live in a townhome or an apartment with just a bit of patio space for gardening. Blueberries do particularly well in the Pacific Northwest and other climates where acidic soil is the norm (if you live elsewhere, you can amend your soil to make your blueberries happy, especially if you grow them in containers).

Over the course of a year, your lawns soil can get packed down pretty good. The more dense the soil is packed, the more difficult it is for water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots. Aerating a lawn is simply using a tool to create small holes in the soil to allow the much needed water and nutrients to get back down to the root systems. Grasses can’t survive long in compacted soil. If you notice your lawns soil becoming compacted it is wax cartridges time to call someone to aerate. You can tell by taking something like a match or toothpick and pushing it into the soil. If it is difficult to push in, then you have compacted soil and should have it aerated to keep your lawn from thinning out and eventually dying.

Nandina or nandina domestica: Very easy plant to grow, likes sun or shade. Moderate watering and grows slow. This plant will turn a reddish/orange color in winter and green most of summer. Can grow up to 6ft tall with red berries. Very hardy shrub and can be planted along walls or xeriscaping yards. Dwarf varieties are available at established Nurseries.

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Therefore, with seasonal fertilization and proper care, a stronger and healthier root system will develop which can withstand various problems, even those caused by the white grubs. It will also reduce the amount of wax cartridges growth as the strong root system won’t allow the room required for the weeds to thrive. However, avoid chemical pesticides as these are unhealthy to people, pets, wildlife and the environment as a whole. Even with environmentally friendly methods one can still have an exceptional lawn.

Arborvitae or Thuja Platcycladus: Desert evergreen shrub tree, or plant will grow in almost any type soil is drought tolerant with a lime green color and small blue cones. Can be used as a hedge plant or tree. Can be used as a traditional or formal landscape design. The Thuja occidentalis – can grow about 40 ft. tall and spreading to about 15-20 ft.

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Turn Your Lawn Into An Edible Garden

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