May 2Nd Is Buddha Day – The Buddhist Equivalent Of Christmas

Finding your international bride to spend the rest of your life with is no easy task. It does not matter if you look across the street or on the other side of the world. The process is the same and so are the rules. You have to get to know the person and their friends and family. Just because someone comes from a different country than you, does not automatically make her the subservient bride you may be looking for.

Japa malas normally contain 108 beads, or a number of beads divisible by 9. Many Buddhists believe that there are 108 possible sins, while Hindus often believe that 108 is the number of names assigned to Hindu gods, or that the number 108 represents the nine planets in the 12 zodiac houses. 108 is called the perfect or complete number.

“Healing is so easy”, declares Swedish born Arne Rantzen, “that it is really difficult!” He is an international teacher and founder of the Unlimited Body healing modality. For a moment he cannot continue, because he is laughing too hard at this cosmic joke.

The third one is the spiritual mirror. The buddhism doctrine teaches people that they need to train themselves that they can reach and use this mirror by a higher power. Buddha told his principles that mindfulness baltimore itself is a mirror to reflect the truth.

If we think about the final moments of life, when everything that we have strived for begins to fade into oblivion, we know that many times a peacefulness takes over our consciousness (if we have lived a good life!). So why is it okay to let go of everything then, and not while we are living?

It was a friend who got me reading but it was the intrigue and education Jaimal created in his stories that kept me going. Despite the playful cover and the title, this is a book full of inspiration, learning and a ton of fun, regardless of whether or not you’ve ever picked up a board or intend to pick one up. Although you will likely be on your next trip to the water sooner than expected once you’re done reading. It also could not have hurt my reaction that the majority of this book was read via headlamp one evening somewhere deep in the Andes in a freezing cold tent (literally) at about 11,000 ft en route to Machu Picchu last May. What an association!

Dzogchen Ponlop’s latest book “Rebel Buddha, On the Road to Freedom” provides average Westerners with some possible answers to these questions as well as additional questions to ponder. It also advocates what he labels American Buddhism. The book is a seminal, yet simple opening to ancient wisdom in which he boils down Buddhist wisdom into simple concepts and actions that anyone can practice and benefit from.

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May 2Nd Is Buddha Day – The Buddhist Equivalent Of Christmas

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