For A Better Life, Try The Power Of Positive Thinking

Self-Esteem is the frame of mind which you have about yourself and your life. Regardless of the how or why, self esteem is essentially an attitude you have, a fixed frame of mind.

If you plant the belief that you can’t do it, your brain will agree and stop working. If you plant how to think positive on how you can do it, your brain will work to find as many ways as possible for you to achieve it.

Most people find this very hard due to most of us being naturally impatient. We all like quick visible results rather than waiting for the long term results. If you are like me, and like most people, that’s exactly how you feel.

You may be practicing the most powerful goal setting, positive thinking, affirmation or creative visualization technique ever, but without faith in the method and faith in the truth that you really can change your life, it is all useless.

Once more glance at your body. It is like a map of those past building blocks. Do not think of what you wish to change at this point, just spend a moment accepting and acknowledging you again wouldn’t be YOU without this body. It’s o.k. that you are the way you are outside, because we are all beautiful on the inside. And your inner beauty was shaped by this body.

So many people trying to start a business, don’t believe in themselves. They look for advice from self proclaimed “gurus” and try very little on their own. Any MLMer will tell you about the power of duplicatable systems. While much of this is true, and it is not always necessary to re-invent the wheel, many miss a very important point.

The things you wish, pray and hope for may not be given at the time you asked for it. Positive thinking affirmations do not only teach us optimism and humility, it also teaches patience.

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For A Better Life, Try The Power Of Positive Thinking

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