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Repotting orchids is one of the basic requirements for this plant to grow and thrive. Knowing why you repot an orchid, when to repot and the basic steps to repot will ensure a healthy, blooming orchid for many years to come.

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Remove your orchid plant from its pot with a sharp blade that has been sterilized and cut through the rhizome and root ball. Each section should have at least 3 pseudo bulbs.Use sulphur powder to dust each cut to prevent infection.

Gardens can be filled with colorful flowers and trees or delicious fresh vegetables lovingly grown by you and your family. No matter the style of your garden, it requires tools and equipment to keep them growing and healthy. If you’ve been storing those things in your garage or under the back porch, if may be time for some kind of storage unit to be placed in the garden itself.

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Fertilize your orchid once a month from early spring until the autumn. Fertilizing is not necessary in winter since the plant won’t be actively growing. Liquid or water soluble types of orchid fertilizer are advised. Fertilizers may cause salt and mineral build up in the bottom of the flower pot. Changing the coconut fiber once a year prevents this build up from harming the orchid.

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Orchid Growing Guide – Orchid Care Expert

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