Online Business Marketing – Local Businesses Use WordPress Blogs To Get Ahead

When first embarking on a blogging journey, there are some knotty questions that usually beset one’s mind regarding how to blog. Let’s start with the basics.

Seriously. I don’t mean just your filing system, I mean everything. One huge time saver that I implemented was organizing my bookmarks, especially the ones related to publicizing my posts. Firefox comes with a Bookmarks Toolbar, which allows you to put frequently accessed bookmarks right there, with no more digging through miles of bookmarks to find the one you want. On the Bookmarks Toolbar you can also place bookmark folders. My strategy is to put all my marketing bookmarks in one folder called “Marketing”, right there on my toolbar. Once I have posted, I click the folder, and click “Open all in tabs”. Voila! All my publicity sites open up, just like ducks in a row. I go through them sequentially, and I am done, often in as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

When you blog with wordpress you can create users so that you have many people adding content for you so it’s not just one person. I have created many wordpress cms blogs that I do not even touch anymore, someone else is responsible for the content.

Free hosting won’t give you access to the options you really need, either. Most internet marketer are going to build more than a few sites to start and may end up with dozens of sites over time. If you start with a company, such as Blogger (owned by Google), you will be limited to the amount of blogs you can start on one account and how much you can post to them.

Comment on other people’s blogs. Do not make stupid spammy comments like “thx for the article.” If you go this route, make respectful comments that contribute something to the discussion.

Imagine a nurse with 27 years experience in a state funded mental hospital encouraging the medical community with methods, insights and passion on how to bring order and peace to such a chaotic industry.

I gave you these 5 steps in a fashion that allows you to do them everyday, this is how you will make money online with your website fast. Don’t change the formula, just get to work.

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Online Business Marketing – Local Businesses Use WordPress Blogs To Get Ahead

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