Low Budget Music Video Production.

Low Budget Music Video Production.

The eighth profile in the Cleveland Performing Arts Examiner ACTOR PROFILE series features actor, director and student, MARC MORITZ. This series (in interview form) is in process to “get to know” some of our own northeastern Ohio talent. Profiles will feature equity and non-equity actors, stage and screen actors, as well as young, old and in-between actors. These are your peers and your neighbors – please enjoy!

The people who made and performed in the Cowboys are all true professionals. A classic film was made for future generations to enjoy. There have been many success nayana dasgupta stories that have come out of the cast of the cowboys. Successful acting and rodeo careers to some of the kids that got their big break from this movie. Bruce Dern who played the bad guy Asa Watts pulled out a stellar performance. This character beat up on kids, shot his own men and killed “The Duke” on screen. You could help but hate him.

EF: The five Fanchers get together with my local extended family, and we open gifts and eat food. Then I like to leave my family in the evening and balance out the old tradition by making new traditions with my friends.

Once you’ve completed this process and you’ve put together an online profile that is truly representative of whom you are, now you’re ready to start the process. If you’re not really sure what to include in your profile, I’ve included a link below detailing the 10 Tips to Writing Your Online Profile.

KD: I’m pretty easy going so I just go with the flow, do what you have to do and get it done. I don’t like a lot of drama behind the scenes and try to avoid it… a beer afterwards always helps too!

EF: I liked a girl who joined the speech and debate (forensics) team at Rocky River High School, and I figured it was a good way to get close to her. It didn’t work. But then I found out that I was good at it, won some tournaments and went to the State Finals in Duo Interpretation. The first time I auditioned for an actual show, though, was done as a pact with my best friend, Devin. If he auditioned, then I’d audition. He and I played Mortimer and Jonathan Brewster, respectively, in Arsenic and Old Lace.

JA: Any hero or villain in a major motion picture based on a Marvel comics character. I have been an avid Marvel Comics admirer since I was a child and few other stories have filled me with such joy and wonder. It would be the closest I could come to actually being a superhero.

It is obvious that making a low-budget film is really easy as long as you develop the right mindset first. Think of it as basketball, if you aim too high you overshoot the ring or even the board. If you aim too low, the ball may not even touch the rim. But when you make the shot, nobody would tell you that you aimed just right. They would just say that you hit well. In filmmaking, nobody would say you are spending too big or too small; what matters is the quality of the film.

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