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Our Private Label- Our Signature Line is inspired by the latest colours coming out of Paris. We have taken all we know about lingerie and worked with our designer to create a unique line created with you in mind. These panties are both comfortable and cute, sassy yet subtle. These go-to panties, are your every day lovely with a dash of boom-chick-a-boom. 

Miel- These soft heavenly basics combine seamless fit with a touch of spicy Latin flair. Pieces are soft, light and sleek against the body.

Fantasy Lingerie- Our chosen supplier for these too hot to handle panties  has been in business for over 32 years. Our Naughty but Nice line is dedicated to making women of all shapes feel comfortable with their bodies and to adding romance and spark to their lives.

Blush- The Blush luxe panty has been voted our most popular and is of exceptional quality, sensual design and unsurpassed attention to detail. Blush style inspires discerning women to embrace their unique sense of self with complete assurance and a flair for playfulness.

Santolina- Romantic, delicate, detailed, created for women who are inspired to dress up. Each gorgeously wearable panty or matching set is a well thought out little piece of art.

Estivo- Spanish for summer, Estivo lingerie is light, with lace detailing and incredible colours and fabrics. Estivo believes in embracing your body and its differences.

Change- These Danish designed panties are our classic panties. They offer a natural look that feels just right. Smooth fabrics, silky to the touch, with delicate detailing.

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