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10 Fun Facts You Need to Know about Knickers

  1. Panty wearing world record- Ten-year-old Jack Singer of Warwick, New York, wore 215 pairs of underwear simultaneously on June 13, 2010. He broke the previous record of 200 pairs.
  2. The sexiest country of them all- The country with the most underwear models is Brazil.
  3. New Years Eve tradition-In Italy women celebrate New Years by wearing red underwear because it’s considered lucky.
  4. We don’t recommend going panty-less- Ten percent of American women have confessed to occasionally having gone “commando” to avoid visible panty lines.
  5. When times are tough, wear a corset- Scholars note that women seemed to wear corsets during times in history when their lives were severely restricted and they had few rights. As women gained more rights, they rejected the more restrictive underwear.
  6. Rebel rebel- Underwear has been used to make rebellious fashion statements. For example, in 1780, Marie Antoinette shocked France by wearing chemise dresses at court. Previously, the chemise was worn only as underwear.
  7. Starting trends for men’s fashion- In 1951, Marlon Brando helped turn men’s cotton undershirts into outwear when he wore an undershirt in the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.
  8. The undie market, how big is it?- It’s estimated that over $30 Billion is spent on underwear each year.
  9. How did knickers become drawers? -During the 16th century, undergarments became associated with the word “drawers.” A drawer is literally something pulled or “drawn” and comes from the French word tirer (to pull).
  10. Dropping your pant(ies)- Elastic wasn’t invented until 1820 and not put into use until years later, people held up underwear, stockings, and petticoats with suspenders and garters.

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