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Happy Holidays + Black Friday SALE

It’s time to revel in the festive season and all its tinseled glory! This means family gatherings, dinner parties, social occasions and lots of gift giving… and don’t forget receiving.

It’s a magical time of year. But with all the cheer, eggnog and mince-pie making, we often forget to take a moment for ourselves. While we fully appreciate, enjoy and embrace the holiday madness that is the silly season, it’s important to remember to rest, rejuvenate and give YOURSELF a little post-year, personal pamper! Plus, a little self-indulgence goes a long way for your personal welfare when you’re managing the in-laws who’ve come to stay, and you haven’t had a free minute to even buy a darn turkey!

So, we can’t help you whip-up an entree, but we can help you add a little holiday cheer to your underwear drawer. And let’s be honest ladies – when we confidently strut our stuff, wearing a beautiful set of undies, we can tackle that overcrowded food-fight that is the frozen section with grace!

We encourage you to make the holidays a time to celebrate love in all its glorious forms; to honor your dear friends and of course, to celebrate yourself. That’s just what this magical time of year is for!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate this winter season, let us say this: may your days always be full of love and may you take every opportunity to revel in that; sharing it with the special ones you choose!

In honor of this enchanting time of year, let us do our bit to ease the financial stress, that is currently running a close second in your list of problems after the state of that empty freezer drawer!

Here’s an exclusive offer that ends at midnight on Christmas day, but of course our Christmas wish is to ship it by 15 December to make sure Santa’s adorably sexy elves can get it to you on time. Have our sexiest collection of 6 Premium, and 6 Naughty but Nice classics for half price.

We’ve never offered a mixed collection like this before, and we are tickled to do so. We think you’ll love it!

These deliciously deluxe panties retail for $360 but for you, darlings, it’s just $180.

PLUS: Order on Black Friday and get a FREE bralette.

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