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Who are the men who buy Panty by Post panties

Profiling the men who buy Panty by Post panties?
Now now, don’t jump to conclusions, it’s not always the ones associated with scandal and secrecy – sometimes, but not always!  This is about the men behind purchasing the  panties as a gift for their darlings. We decided to profile our valued male customers as our way of tipping the hat to the guys in our lives who show us they care.
Mr Adventurous: This man samples our Naughty but Nice line for his special someone. He’s not afraid to splash out on a more exclusive panty, or shall we say undies for a special occasions (wink). He’s a whisky drinker, a bit of a rebel and he likes to spoil his girl with frilly underpinnings.
Mr Classic: This dapper chap likes to buy the best for his other-half. He shops our Premium Line and prioritizes  its arrival every month with his personalized note attached. He knows how to share his feelings and always puts her first/. A good listener, he loves long walks in the forest on the weekend and his heart bursts when his love is happy.
Mr Fashionable:
He’s a metrosexual  high-flying traveler and an on-point foodie who loves to be in the know. He thrives onto planning dates at far out spots and usually comes bearing gifts of Signature Line panties. These undies are both pretty and practical, marrying his love of lace with your love of comfort. Each pair has a touch of flare, and quality you can truly feel. These are your go-to panties for your cinq a sept cocktail hour! Thanks lover!
Mr Sporty: This man doesn’t stop! He’s athletic and outdoorsy; he loves to keep his body moving and in shape. His favorite times are spent running in the trees with his partner, or swooshing down the slopes beside her. He buys her the basic line, so she is comfortable during all their fun-filled activities. He’s healthy and loves to support his team mate in the adventure they call life!

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