How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitor?

The popularity of consoles has exploded in the last several years, and with the high competition of the next-gen systems and plague of new games with stunning visuals, it seems like the poor old PC might be getting left behind.

PC gamers have the habit of exaggeration of the difference in specs between PCs and consoles. So much to the extent, that PC gamers claim that that the upcoming Xbox 720, and PS4 will have specs which match today’s low-end PC. PCs may be more powerful than consoles, but claiming the above is a stretch.

Not only that, but moreso than ever, developers are very anxious about piracy, using such methods as the wildly unpopular DRM, providing ammunition for brutal attacks by critics, who will skew ratings soley based upon its presence.

We have to ask ourselves what specifics, contained in Steam’s policies, does EA find so restrictive? Many big budget titles make their way onto Valve’s online store with no qualms, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but clearly the case is different this time around. The policy in question states that companies are required to release DLC/patches through Steam, versus their own game-client. Clearly EA would prefer that it’s future content come straight from its own digital service/community and considering the hype, cost, scale and marketing effort behind BF3, there is (as with every AAA game) lots of dollars at stake. It’s always about the dollar people.

Microsoft hasn’t been a major player in the world of Curved Gaming Monitors recently, but they aim to make a comeback by overhauling the Games for Windows website on November 15. Around 100 games will be available and you can use an existing Windows Live ID to sign in and purchase games digitally. Some of the developers that have jumped on board to support this new venture include Capcom, 2k Games, and Square Enix. Offers like a Deal of the Week and other sales will be available also to entice users back to gaming monitors.

We want to do more than just control a character and have a world and story force fed to us. We want to control the world, make the world. We have a need to grow within the confined of the game. Point A to point B just does not cut the mustard anymore we want to explore and interact.

In addition, consoles are significantly more accessible than PC games. Everything is put into a nice little package, you just plug in your game and go from there. You need not worry about your graphics card being too pitiful, your abused processor starting a fire in your home, or your copy of Windows Vista deciding that you don’t deserve to use it.

Whether you need to improve your SAT scores, learn urban assault techniques or introduce your toddler to the world of math, there is a game designed just for that purpose. Hopefully this article has widened your horizons about all the amazing and exciting ways video gaming can influence your world.

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How To Choose The Best Gaming Monitor?

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