Get A Healthier, Happier Body Thanks To These Fitness Tips

Get A Healthier, Happier Body Thanks To These Fitness Tips

Kids across Atlanta are shouting with glee as most schools come to a close this Friday, but parents are stressing and wondering how to entertain them when budgets are stretched tighter than ever. Have no fear – we live in a city bursting with free and fun things to do this summer.

Looking for a nice open area for your kids to fly their kites or remote control airplanes/helicopters? Look no further than Stone Oak Park. This 245-acre park has a HUGE open area that is absolutely perfect for kite flying.

If you have a boat, just next to the jetty is where you can launch it. There is no official boat ramp at the present, but the sand is rock hard most of the time. There is also a tractor there to hire if you have a big boat and are not too confident in your car! There are some truly amazing places to visit if you have a boat, with reef systems running everywhere. There are also 14 different ship wrecks that you can visit and dive on. A lot of large fish are caught in Lancelin, both on the shore or off a boat; don’t be shy on the fishing!

Circle Set; Place your setter in the center of a circle of players. Give each player a ball. Going counter clockwise, have a player toss a ball to the setter. The setter sets it right back to the tosser. Set a time limit or a number of successful sets.

Why not give South Side Lions Park a try? This 6-acre park is located on Hiawatha St on the city’s Southeast side. The park has numerous athletic fields (for baseball, softball, and football), tennis courts, a basketball/volleyball positions, a small fishing lake, hiking trails, and an outdoor swimming pool.

This park, Wilderness Lakes in Menifee, CA is a membership only park and part of the Naco organization. The resort is on flat terrain which is great for walking and bicycling; which I did a lot of. There are wonderful canals that wind through the park and are actually stocked with catfish. You can fish right there from your front door! The resort is in an argricultural setting with nearby dairies. Yet, only a few miles away there are lots of local stores for shopping, even a WalMart and Winco, and there are medical facilities close by.

If you have a four wheel drive, you can venture into the dunes. The only thing is make sure you have a basic understanding of four wheel driving, and how to recover yourself. Some days the dunes are solid, whilst other days they are quite soft. I would suggest letting down your tyres to at least 25 PSI before you even consider driving into the dunes. Many people prefer to go as low as 15 PSI. As you can see from the pictures, it’s easy to get well and truly bogged. I highly recommend going with a second vehicle and a snatch strap. Also, bring a shovel; they work wonders if you are in trouble.

There are nice public restrooms located throughout the park that is clean and well taken care of. One thing to note is that the park employees lock some gates inside the park at dusk so be sure to leave the park before darkness.

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