Domestic Violence – 7 Characteristics Of An Abuser

It is a psychiatric illness also known as bipolar mood disorder or having mood swings. I have lived with this debilitating, mysterious and deadly disease my whole life. I have struggled to overcome the stigma attached to this disease by people who are intimidated by anything that they do not have any control over.

Have you been the victim of any form of domestic violence research such as throwing objects, hitting, kicking, shoving, biting or physical aggressiveness against you?

4) Does the therapist work on communication skills? This is a tricky one. If the therapist answers “Yes” and does not qualify their answer, you may be in trouble. For example, research clearly states that working on teaching a couple how use “I” statements and other basic communication techniques does not work. Communication is about trust. If the couple does not trust their partner then the words coming out of their mouths will not be taken in and listened to.

March 4 – Concord, N.C. – Leighann Langley Eudy was arrested at Cabarrus Avenue and Spring Street. Ms. Eudy was charged with Possession of Schedule VI.

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The Jews required signs or miracles to confirm the mission of the Old Testament prophets who were sent to them. That’s the traditional way that they certified their prophets. It was quite natural for them to insist on a sign to prove that Jesus was the true Messiah. Like the Jews of old, many people in the churches today are still waiting for a miracle to establish their faith. Yet, Jesus performed many miracles during His life on earth, and was resurrected from the dead and seated at the right hand of God as the ultimate miracle. Makes me wonder what people are waiting for today!

Bad news sells, good news doesn’t. So the newspapers, television and (increasingly) internet news channels will major on bad news. And violence is part and parcel of that.

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Domestic Violence – 7 Characteristics Of An Abuser

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