Biblical Prosperity And Financial Miracles

Biblical Prosperity And Financial Miracles

The job market has everyone down. It seems like every day you turn on the news, and the jobless data keeps getting worse and worse. When you think that it can’t get any better, remember that you have the power to change your destiny. It may sound like a late-night infomercial, but it’s true. Here are some tips on how to make the best of a bad economy.

Actually, enlisting rather than getting drafted was the smart move because I had some option in selecting what sort of training and subsequent assignment I might get. If drafted, I would have had to become whatever they told me to be which had a good chance of being what was officially known as an “eleven bravo” or 11B, but which many of us called a “downrange bullet catcher” or more succinctly, “cannon fodder” or “target”. An 11B was a combat infantryman. Now, just to set the record straight, 11B’s are the backbone of the army, and the battles you hear about are being fought by those guys. I have worked hand-in-hand with them over the years and have some stories I could tell. I respect and admire the hell out of them. I just didn’t want to be one.

Factors that can destroy teamwork include favoritism, unfairness, lies and deception. This factors generate loss of trust, hatred, and loss of cooperation. If you learned that one of your teammate was given more privilege than you do especially that both of you contributed equally to the team, don’t you think you will not react negatively?

We also need to concern ourselves with our current job market. We might like some profession. We know, however, that there are very few opportunities for us to enter this profession. Still going for it with this knowledge will be extremely risky, to say the least. On the other hand, we should not go for various jobs that are easy to get, but we would hate doing. This will definitely lead to having an unhappy life.

If your professional life provides a service for a fee, consider giving a free service to those near and dear to your heart. If you’re a beautician, give haircuts for Christmas; an accountant can give a no cost tax return; a carpenter can give five hours of home repairs to Uncle Joe who can no longer repair the deck himself.

So, she put the word out to her family and friends that she was now doing sewing repairs and alterations for hire. Did the work come? You bet it did! She was immediately hired to replace broken zippers, hem up pants, skirts, and dresses, sew up holes in pockets, reattach buttons and snaps, and more. Because Jean is a skeptic, she wondered if her business would amount to much. To her amazement, she got more and more work just by “word of mouth” advertising.

The first few weeks will be the hardest. But a habit can be formed in only 21 days, so if you start today, by Halloween you will be feeling better, looking better, thinking more clearly, and having more fun than you have in a long time.

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