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Why You Should Buy a Planter Drip Tray

Container gardening has become increasingly popular over time. People are now growing flowers in pots and placing them in their yards, patios, and balconies to add to their homes’ aesthetic appeal. A lot of work goes into maintaining and caring for potted plants. However, the outcomes are worth it. Are you thinking of growing potted plants? Well, you’ll need to buy a couple of things. First, you’ll need a planter. Second, you’ll also need a planter drip tray. So, what are drip trays? In simple terms, they can be defined as planter saucers. They help to catch run-off water that accumulates at the bottom of planters. Most times, they come fitted with small pipe-like structures that help to redirect the water elsewhere. Most gardeners choose not to buy these trays and duly so because they don’t understand why they should. It is for this reason that this article will list and explain the reasons why these trays are essential.

Needless to say, water is essential for the healthy development of plants. However, excess water does more harm than good to crops. Most gardeners go for planters that don’t have drainage holes at the bottom in a bid to hinder floor staining. When they water their plants, the run-off water accumulates at the bottom. Roots then start to rot gradually. In the long-run, destroying their plants completely. Get a planter that has drainage holes and place a drain-off tray at the bottom. This way, excess water will not accumulate. Thus, your crops will grow and flourish. Besides, you’ll not have to worry about floor staining. The drain-off tubes will channel the water elsewhere. So, your floors will always be squeaky clean. With a drain-off tray, you’ll enjoy the luxury of having stainless floors and healthy potted plants, all at the same time. You’ll not have to compromise.

Mold is always a major concern for many homeowners because of the deadly aftermaths that it causes. Drain-off trays can be suitable habitats for mold due to moisture. Nowadays, manufacturers go the extra mile of mold-treating these trays. With this said, mold infestation is a non-issue, and it shouldn’t, therefore, deter you from getting a tray. Note that not all manufacturers treat their trays. Be sure to verify before purchase. Don’t get a tray that isn’t mold treated.

Placing a saucer underneath your planter is a smart way of collecting run-off water. Nevertheless, you might easily forget to pour the water once the sauce fills up. When this happens, the water will overflow and spill on your floors. Besides ruining your floor through staining, the water could cause serious slip and fall injuries. As stated earlier, drain-off trays have tubes that channel the run-off water elsewhere. As such, users don’t have to keep monitoring the tray to see whether it is filled up. Plus, they don’t have to keep pouring the water. Overflows and spillages never occur. Therefore, protecting the floors and safeguarding the homeowner’s well-being by preventing slip and falls. Drain-off trays are simple. However, they are very useful. Get a good-quality tray that comes with a warranty.

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